Warranty Period

New Products: One year from initial use, provided, however, that this does not exceed 18 months after delivery
Repaired Products: Six months following delivery

Parts Subject to Repair under Warranty

All parts constituting the product (excluding consumable parts, oils and supplied parts)

Extent and Details of Warranty

  1. (1) Should any breakdown of fault arise during the warranty period which is our responsibility, we will exchange the part or carry out repairs at no cost. However, the breakdowns and faults listed below fall outside the scope of the warranty.
    1. 1) Breakdown arising from inappropriate conditions, environment (temperature, humidity, dust, moisture, contaminants, etc.), handling or usage which is outside that described in the handbook, user manual, specification or catalogue, etc.
    2. 2) Breakdown arising from third-party products such as customer devices or software design.
    3. 3) Breakdown arising from third-party remodeling or repairs.
    4. 4) Faults arising from deterioration of the external appearance or due to wear and tear which do not affect the function (decolouration, rusting or deterioration, etc. of casting, painting or electroplating).
    5. 5) Breakdown arising from maintenance or exchange of consumable parts which is not in line with the description in the handbook or catalogue, etc.
    6. 6) Breakdown arising from reasons which could not be anticipated at the time of delivery given the technology and state of the art at the time.
    7. 7) Breakdown arising from use outside the intended use of the product.
    8. 8) Breakdown arising from an incident which is not our responsibility, such as pollution, salt-air damage, condensation, abnormal voltage, impacts, drops and falls.
    9. 9) Breakdown arising from other external factors which are not our responsibility, such as fire, earthquake, storm or flood.
  2. (2) This warranty applies to products sold and used in Japan. Products installed or moved outside Japan are not covered by the repair warranty.
  3. (3) The scope of the warranty is limited as described in (1), and does not provide any warranty for secondary losses (damage to devices, opportunity losses, lost profits or accident compensation) or any other losses of the customer arising due to the breakdown of a covered product.
  4. (4) The repair warranty does not cover circumstances where a product cannot be returned, product and shipping information such as a serial number cannot be found, or where a product has been disassembled by a third-party.
  5. (5) In the event of additions or changes to the scope of the warranty through a method such as a special condition or statement or if the warranty is replaced, this will be specified separately.

Repairs Period and Parts Supply Period following Discontinuation of Production / Product

Discontinued products and products no longer in production are supported for two years following discontinuation. However, it may not be possible to carry out repairs or supply repairs parts during this period due to procurement or production difficulties given the short service life of electronic parts. Contact us for more details.

Handling and Disposal of Products and Repair Parts

A third-party repair warranty may be used where the party is certified under our maintenance training scheme (fees apply). All parts exchanged under a repair warranty are our property. If parts are not returned to the site specified by us within 30 days without reason, the repair warranty will not apply.
Disposal by the customer of any products or exchanged parts not covered by the repair warranty should be done in accordance with local laws and regulations.

Maintenance Training and Technician Dispatch (SV, etc.)

Fees for maintenance training and technician dispatch (SV, etc.) are not included in the price of purchased or supplied products, but can be added upon request. Contact us for more details.