Pursuing visible and invisible value

Supplying niche-leading products to the world

Since the time this company was founded up to the present day, we have designed and manufactured a range of products such as tire curing machine valves, tire manufacturing equipment and high-pressure oil hydraulic machinery. One of these, the “Rocky Valve”, a tire curing machine valve produced since our foundation, is the world market share leader with 90% of the Japanese market and 30% of the international market. It is renowned worldwide as the leading product in its niche globally.

After taking control of the high-pressure oil hydraulics machinery department of our general distributor RIX Corporation in 1999, we began designing and manufacturing high-pressure oil hydraulic machinery operating at oil pressures of 70MPa. The products we manufacture are highly trusted by customers in Japan and overseas, as unique products with advanced design know-how and technical value.

New innovations come from understanding the detail

The most important thing to us when developing a product is the spirit of basic technology and development. We are dedicated not only to technical excellence and making products which meet the needs of our customers, but also to design and development which understands their true purpose.

Realizing these aims requires a thorough understanding of the practicalities on the ground. Rather than performing tasks by simply relying on specifications, we endeavor to capture the details by visiting the actual site of operations, asking for customer opinions, and seeing, hearing, smelling and sensing the temperature in person.

We are dedicated to ensuring that we provide high customer value by using the above information to generate flexible ideas focused on our knowledge and experiences as a manufacturing organization and the functions required of the machine.

Hironobu Ichimaru President & CEO President & CEO
Hironobu Ichimaru

The organizational concept of “The value in the invisible.”

In 2018 we unveiled our new organizational concept of “The value in the invisible.”.

The products and services we provide can be thought of as visible value. We strive to create additional value on top of this by focusing on details and activities which can’t be observed from the outside. Examples might be light chamfering or edges on processed components for safety reasons, designs which account for ease of maintenance, scorch-preventive coatings on bolts, welcoming visitors, or company-wide consistency training. While these are just a few examples, the idea of taking full account of the invisible from all perspectives of our business activities is not just about quality improvement, but a means of improving the image of our products and our company, while supplying products and services which provide a visible outcome which exceeds the customer’s expectations. By equally regarding visible and invisible value and demonstrating synergies, we strive to nurture a positive cycle which responds to customer expectations with results.

Aiming to be an “interesting organization” with products that live up to the Made in Japan ethos

In the future, we will continue to develop and supply products and services with high added value to the tire manufacturers of the world as well as a range of other industries, thereby we will increasingly be recognized across the world as an “organization of interest” generating added value, and contribute to the development of society through manufacturing.

To achieve this, we consider it important to transform the sites of our key employee activities from being sites across Japan to sites across the world, to engage with other organizations, gather information resources and provide technical services, while practicing reliable manufacturing and sharing organizational and product information.

As a Japanese manufacturing organization advancing into the world, we will operate as an “organization of interest with a dream” which lives up to the Made in Japan ethos, by providing products which typify the Japanese attention to detail and shine with artisan spirit.

Hironobu Ichimaru President & CEO
The Culture Book contains the philosophy of ROCKY-ICHIMARU.